Planet Venus – ‘A Lighthouse as Darkness Falls’



Venus has been very easy to spot in the clear evening skies of late, easy enough for my little one to spot every evening (and Jupiter which has been overhead but West). Catch it whilst you can.

Brilliant Venus in west dusk until mid-evening. Venus – brightest planet and third-brightest object in the sky after the sun and moon – climbs higher up at dusk, and stays out later after dark, than it did in March 2015.

Do not miss the sky at nightfall, around April 11. It’s your chance to see the sky’s brightest planet coupling up with the Pleiades star cluster. Bring your binoculars, if you have them to view Venus and the Pleiades taking stage in a single binocular field…

The waxing crescent moon swings close to Venus for several days, centered on April 21.

Throughout April 2015, brilliant Venus beams like a lighthouse as darkness falls! Be sure…

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2 Responses to Planet Venus – ‘A Lighthouse as Darkness Falls’

  1. people with powerful telescopes cannot see clear the surface of Venus, BUT they can see the surface on Mars = therefore: they blame the CO2 in Venus atmosphere; that’s very deceiving.

    Because of the position of Mars in relation to the sun / earth – Mars sunny side is exposed to here (same as when looking at full moon) BUT: when looking at Venus, you see the side of Venus that is night (same as looking at new moon – not clear to see the surface) so: stop blaming the CO2 about everything!!!


    • Screenshot says:

      This was a re-post and I didn’t write it – I just re-posted it. Just letting you know. You might want to remove your rant from my blog and place it on the blog of the original author. Kindest regards. LRW


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