I’ve long been fascinated with astronomy. God’s vast and still evolving universe might be nearly infinite, [ or so it would seem ] but during my brief life on earth I certainly want to see photos and video of as much of the local neighborhood as possible. Wouldn’t you? We all want to know WHAT’S OUT THERE. We stare at the stars at night and wonder. I’ve been doing it since I was just a little girl. I still do it.

In another life [ not lived in this one ] I would have been humbled and delighted to spend my talents, days and nights documenting the human species’ tenuous first moments as outer space explorers, from our 1960s and 70s era historic voyages to our own humble singular moon, to the long-held dream of terra-forming Mars, and hopefully one day in the next 100 years or so to eventually begin pondering feasibility studies of HOW we might explore, mine and colonize some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Nothing is out of the question if the species can conquer it’s own baser genocidal / suicidal instincts and begin spending the wealth of nations exploring our solar system instead of inventing ever more cunning ways to war and kill one another. Humankind will have spiritually graduated from diapers to kindergarten when that day finally dawns. One can always hope.

We need to begin dreaming the right kind of dreams for our species future if we intend to manifest that future and bring it into actuality. We can begin to imagine those worthy dreams now, in 2015, in the early opening moments of the 21st century, and as we do this, we are leaving a better set of spiritual “footprints in the snow” for others to follow, as we climb toward the pinnacle of better human achievements, of efforts in space exploration which can unify and inspire, truly genuinely INSPIRE, an entire species to explore the unknown frontiers of space.

In recent months there have been so many new “landmark” discoveries in astronomy that my head is literally spinning. This fledgling new blog is my attempt to try to keep up! I’ll re-post worthy reports from other WP bloggers, and do my best to compile and organize what I glean from the never-ending news cycles of the internet.  I’m also the author of about 10 other WP blogs,as well as a busy Ebay merchant, so this will be a sporadic effort, happening in bursts as I have the time. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!

Leigh W.

Tags: modern astronomy, astronomy news blogs, space exploration, space, astronomy, amateur astronomy, science and space, astronomy news


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