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Did you Know That Pluto Has A Tail?

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Oh, Pluto! Oh, Charon! More Stunning Detailed Images Astound Earth Scientists & the Public

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I’ve been collecting images from this summer’s historic Pluto fly-by, and here are some of the most recent. I feel like I ought to apologize for not posting more often, but I sustained a very serious injury this summer and … Continue reading

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Newly Updated #PlutoFlyBy Video Released by NASA

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Amazing New Photos, Desolate Vistas from Pluto are Coming In

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This photo gallery will be updated weekly: Glorious Desolation: A Growing Photo Gallery of Pluto & Her Moons  

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Pluto’s Largest Moon Charon Like You Have Never Seen It

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Pluto swings about her largest moon in a delicate gravity dance that is not unlike a space ballet of sorts. Charon’s size creates a gravity tug that causes the large moon to pull at Pluto, creating an almost “binary-twin” type … Continue reading

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