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Maps of the Known Universe: A Visual History

  ….”we, as a species, have come a very very long way in our development, in a very very short time. But we are also at a dangerous junction. If the most powerful nation on earth, the United States of … Continue reading

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Brightest Known Galaxy in the Universe “Shines with the Light of 300 Trillion Suns”

Re-posted courtesy of ‘Motherboard’ science news blog on May 24th 2015 Sometimes when you gaze billions of years into our universe’s past, you’ll find something so stunning that even the cold, scientific terms to describe it sound poetic. Take the … Continue reading

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Mysterious Gigantic “Empty Spot” aka Supervoid Found in the Universe by Astronomers

  Reposted courtesy of Telegraph.co.uk website Space news on 4.20.2014 By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor 7:09PM BST 20 Apr 2015 “This is the greatest supervoid ever discovered. Given the combination of size and emptiness, our supervoid is still a very … Continue reading

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