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2016 Discoveries: Could Long Rumored “Planet X” Actually Be “Planet Nine”?

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“The key observation is that there are these Kuiper Belt objects, the most distant objects beyond the orbit of Neptune, the ones that swing out the farthest from the sun so they’re the ones that are the least affected by … Continue reading

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The Surface of Jupiter Mapped in High Resolution: Video

Wow. The array of colors and texture which makes up high resolution map video Jupiter surface storms has never been seen with such vivid clarity. Cited:  “These new maps and spinning globes of Jupiter were made from observations performed with … Continue reading

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Oh, Pluto! Oh, Charon! More Stunning Detailed Images Astound Earth Scientists & the Public

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I’ve been collecting images from this summer’s historic Pluto fly-by, and here are some of the most recent. I feel like I ought to apologize for not posting more often, but I sustained a very serious injury this summer and … Continue reading

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Brightest Known Galaxy in the Universe “Shines with the Light of 300 Trillion Suns”

Re-posted courtesy of ‘Motherboard’ science news blog on May 24th 2015 Sometimes when you gaze billions of years into our universe’s past, you’ll find something so stunning that even the cold, scientific terms to describe it sound poetic. Take the … Continue reading

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Spacecraft Dawn Ponders the Mysteries of Ceres: Photos, Video Reports

On march 6th 2015 NASA’s unmanned robotic spacecraft “Dawn” was captured by the gravity of dwarf planet Ceres in the asteroid belt and began to orbit the miniscule dwarf planet, which measures only 590 miles in diameter.  Ceres is the … Continue reading

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